To participate in the International Hall of Gala Ciders it is necessary to send the accreditation as a professional, provide the cider indicated, and enter € 200 into the account: ES09 – 0081 – 5157 – 60 -0001228623 on behalf of the Asturies Foundation XXI, identifying the registered company and under the concept: Registration SISGA’19

Registration includes:

  • Possibility of being part of the international jury (September 27)
  • Gala Dinner (September 27)
  • Stand at the Open Tasting Day to the Public (September 28)
  • Confraternity Espicha (September 28)
  • Participation in the Sommelier Day (September 29)

The deadline for registration of participants ends on September 13, 2019



Participation is free of charge regardless of the ciders presented to the different categories.

To participate in the prizes it will be necessary to present the quantities of cider detailed below before September 20. To this minimum each participant will add the number of bottles they wish to display at the stand for presentation and sale to the public.

* SISGA Awards 

4 bottles of each type of cider / pear cider (for tasting by the jury)
2 bottles of each type of liquor / ice cider / brandy (for tasting by the jury)


* Gala dinner

14 bottles of cider
6 bottles of liquors / ice cider / brandy


* Open Tasting Day 

The quantity of product that the exhibitor considers necessary both for tasting to the attending public and for sale by units.

September 29

* Professional Day of Sommeliers

2 bottles of liquor / ice cider / brandy

The deadline for the reception of the participating cider ends on September 20, and must be sent to:

Asturies XXI Foundation
You turn on Pando 11 baxo
33208 Xixon. Asturies