he fourth day of SISGA, will take place on Saturday, September 28, from 12 to 21 hours, and will be held at the San Xuan Bautista  Church and the courtyard of the Revillaxixéu Palace.

In this Open Tasting, the public can taste at tables or stands arranged for this purpose – at the same time that information is received both on the products and on the cider mills- the ciders participating in the SISGA, as well as products linked well to haute cuisine, to the cider itself, or with the equipment sector, all framed in a way that not only does not blur the prominence of the cider, but also gives it credibility and empowers it by placing it in a distinguished professional context.

Throughout the day different guided tastings and product presentations will be held, to participate in which it will be necessary to prove the participation by sending the following form, and confirm with a minimum of 15 minutes in advance the same day at the reception.


Tasting Schedule