The Gala Dinner will be held on the third day, on Friday, September 27, and will consist of a gourmet dinner that will be held in Xixón at the prestigious Amares-NH restaurant.

It will start with an appetizer-tasting of ciders, depending on their organoleptic characteristics and arranged in different stands to facilitate interaction for attendees.

Next, the Gala Dinner will be held, consisting of several dishes proposed for harmonization with the ciders presented, with special attention to those that have won the SISGA Awards. For this Gala Dinner a menu specially designed for the occasion will be presented, and with each dish the harmonization with two or three types of cider will be proposed, so as to highlight its properties.

With this Gala Dinner we want to show how the cider, in any of its varieties, paired with all kinds of dishes, enhancing them in all its aspects and being able to be served with surplus merit and quality in any frame of great elegance and distinction, such as where dinner is taking place, showing that it is fully suitable for all types of public and private events.

This Gala Dinner is in itself a Technical Conference that will be attended by institutional representatives, professionals from the world of hospitality, distributors, representatives of financial institutions, gourmet and specialized press – in addition, logically, from the cidermakers themselves – distributed at tables with an order of protocol so that in each of them there is at least one representative from each sector, to facilitate the creation of contacts and synergies, as we have been doing in previous editions, with excellent practical results to date.

Moreover, a situation map will be available with the distribution of the different participants, and the organization will have personnel participating in the event whose main task is to contact those professionals who either demand it directly, or consider that it can be useful for both, within a dynamic of multiple hosts, knowledgeable about the characteristics, interests and demands of the participants, as well as the possibilities offered by both the SISGA and the Asturies XXI Foundation itself.

Of course, we will ensure that the event has the greatest possible impact, both at the media level and in the hospitality environment, so that this type of products, in many cases little known or ignored, occupy the leading place that corresponds to them.