Why is it interesting to participate in the International Hall of Gala Ciders (SISGA / IHGC)

Apart from the obvious benefits of cider internationalization in this world so global and its product in particular, to exchange experiences and opinions with other producers and industry professionals, many of them invited to participate in this International Hall of Gala Ciders, since it is leading the main international events of its kind. Furthermore, there are some other attractions that we want to highlight:

  • Opportunity to enjoy a dinner prepared by top notch chefs (with Michelin stars on many occasions), with dishes properly harmonized with ciders from around the world.
  • Chance to obtain awards for the presented product. The famous SISGA awards are prestigious and independent, since the awards are given by an international jury which includes the participants themselves.
  • Important meeting point for professionals in the sector, both the restaurants, media and commercial sector, noteworthy that one of the few companies specializing in import / export cider is headquartered in Xixón, and actively participates in the event .
  • Extensive media coverage both by local media, both by specialized media, especially highlighting LA SIDRA magazine, a monthly publication which releases two special issues to this event with extensive report and throughout the year dedicates space on their pages about ciders and cider mills of the SISGA participants.
  • This magazine has just celebrated its thirteen years of existence with over 150 issues published and it’s read in various countries.
  • Also, the web lasidra.as featuring trilingual Asturian / Spanish / English is located among the most visited in the world (see www.alexa.com), gives special and wide coverage to the event, and like LA SIDRA magazine, it keeps a close attention about the SISGA participants.
  • Ability to sell the remaining cider of participation in the SISGA or surplus through our shop Sidra Shop http://www.lasidra.as/tienda/en/
  • Possibility of direct sale of the product to the audience at the Open Day of tasting.
  • Ability to know Asturies first hand, the country of cider, where cider has been declared official drink in most municipalities, and has:

o A cider production exceeding the 100 million liters per year.

o Around 100 industrial cider mills and hundreds of artisan cider mills.

o An average cider consumption per person and year over the 40 liters, in the case of Xixón, it reaches 65 liters.





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